The human body is a highly complex machine, the ignorant automative use of which leads to almost all human "disease"!

Silent-Oxygen-System is a simple scientific technique (which must be taught to all children in schools) meant to activate the basic microprocessive audiovisual, pneumatic and hydraulic controls of this beautiful system to sustain its "Body Energy" and supplement it with Energy of the Universe.

The S.O.S. active personal individual energy-system control "yog" helps in potential energy accumulation and thus is capable of eradicating disesases like depression, blood pressure, cholestrol, hyper-tension, heart attack, diabetes and even prevention and cure of the begining stages of cancer.

We are one. Let us live as one.

(Extreme-end usage, offline yog session current executions conducted by Captain Wakari Maasta underway at Cheshire Home , Mumbai, India.)

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